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Letter from Superintendent Smith- New Board Members- December 7, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

I am pleased  to let  the entire school community know about two new board members who are now representing the students and staff of RSD, and to announce the return of our veteran board members.

Colin Lacy was recently elected to his seat through acclamation. Colin and his wife have two young boys, and Colin is a graduate of Harvard University and an alumni of Ridgway High School. Professionally, he is president of the chamber of commerce.  His youthful presence, intellect, understanding of public policy, and spirit of service are sure to be an asset to our district.

Cindy Lystad was just appointed to the board last night. Cindy, her husband, and their four children moved to the Ridgway community a year and a half ago. Some of you high school folks may know her son, RSS student Jude Lystad. Cindy has many years of teaching experience and is currently employed with the Montrose School District as a reading specialist. In addition, she served on the board of education in Telluride, so she knows how school boards operate and how to get things done. I am certain you will appreciate her winning smile and can-do attitude when you meet her.

I am equally pleased to let you know that veteran board members, Greg Lawler (President), Heather Yeowell (Vice President), and Tim Taplin have returned for a second term to serve our district. Their experience and vision for RSD will continue to help lead the way with an eye for continual improvement.  

Along with welcoming this collection of folks to our board, I would like to take this opportunity to thank past board members, Bart Skalla, and Laura Thomas: 

Bart is a familiar face around Ridgway and our schools. He is often seen helping out at sporting events or with in-class projects like, We the People, or the annual, Create a Business, project with Mr. Spearman's class. Bart has served the district for the past eight years with distinction, helping to lead the district through both rewarding and challenging times. Throughout it all, Bart used his leadership skills and thoughtful demeanor to help fellow board members maintain a focus on our students. His contributions have been many, and his presence on the board will be missed. 

Laura Thomas, served as board member and president for the past three years. Having previously led the Voyager Youth Program, Laura brought a unique perspective to the board. Laura lent her voice and influence to ensure that our schools were balancing the need to provide a rigorous curriculum, while developing programs to address our students' social emotional needs and health education. As president of the board she facilitated meaningful discussions, helping her fellow board members make substantive decisions that have positively affected our students and staff. Like Bart Skalla, Laura will be missed on the board, but she has many reasons to be proud of her accomplishments. 

Being a board member can be a very rewarding experience, but these unpaid volunteer community members are often not thanked enough for their service. When you see any, or all of these folks, be sure to say, “Hi", welcome them to the district, and thank them for their willingness to work on behalf of our students and school community.

If you'd like to personally introduce yourself and share your insight or vision for our district, you can always come to one of our board meetings, or send your board an email at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!,

Steven Smith

Superintendent, RSD


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