Bus December

Welcome to the Ridgway School District Transportation page. Below you will find links to the information you need on school transportation issues as well as contact information on our staff.

Our mission is to create a supportive, encouraging learning environment for Ridgway Schools, through professional, knowledgeable ideas, utilizing the best resources available to achieve safe transportation programs.

Click on the link below to view the most updated timeframes for your bus stops.

Bus sign BEAR  BEAR- Route 1 Bus Stop Schedule (2016/17)

Bus sign ELK  ELK- Route 2 Bus Stop Schedule (2016/17)

  PUMA- Route 3 Bus Stop Schedule (2016/17)

Bus sign MARMOT  MARMOT- Route 4 Bus Stop Schedule (2016/17)


Click HERE to view all bus route time frame documents.

*Times and Stops are subject to change.