Our Math Intervention program at Ridgway Elementary School is designed to provide guidance for students needing additional support in mathematics beyond the regular classroom setting.  Within the design of this program a foundational focus is placed on a deep development and growth of students’ number sense along with their number fluency.  Students work to grow in their understanding of numbers, relationships among numbers, and ways to represent numbers, while continuing to deepen their understanding of number systems.  As students make deeper meaning of mathematics they become more confident and grow as problem solvers using math as one of their most useful and reliable tools in this process.





The 2021-2022 school year will be my 30th year of teaching and my 20th year as an educator in the Ridgway School District.  In 1992, I began my career as an educator teaching in the small community of Dodge, North Dakota.  Having the good fortune of teaching in a self-contained sixth grade classroom along with serving as a seventh/eight grade music instructor, 3rd – 7th grade PE teacher, and 5th – 8th grade keyboarding instructor (1-2 periods per day in the neighboring towns) helped me obtain skills for the next phase of my teaching journey.  My third and fourth years of teaching did see me evolve into teaching within a fifth/sixth grade combination elementary classroom in Zap, North Dakota.  The rewarding challenge of teaching in a combination classroom provided unmeasurable amounts of valuable experience assisting me in moving ahead with my professional journey after Zap Elementary was closed due to declining enrollment.  

The teaching market in the mid 1990s was saturated, making it challenging for young teachers with only 4 years of experience to land jobs in the state of North Dakota and the surrounding states.  Fortunately, an excellent teaching opportunity in a small school district located in the west end of southwestern Colorado presented itself.  My wife and I made the big move south!  The communities of Naturita and Nula became our home for six years serving as a wonderful experience of teaching within a self-contained sixth grade classroom for a few years and then evolving into a middle school math teacher teaching mathematics to grades 6-8 at the Naturita Middle School in the great community of Naturita, Colorado.  

In 2002, opportunities to join the Ridgway School District arose for my wife and I along with a school district for our daughter to begin and complete her K-12 school career.  Most of my years teaching within the Ridgway School District have been connected to teaching middle school mathematics (grades 6 -8) and specific areas of high school mathematics.  A shift in my career came in 2014, when I was hired to provide math intervention services for Ridgway Elementary School students along with continuing to teach 6th grade math at the Ridgway Secondary School.  In the years that followed, I had the good fortune of teaching elementary physical education at RES for two years, facilitating our district’s state assessments for five years as Ridgway’s District Assessment Coordinator, yet the one constant from 2014 to present has been my role as RES’s math interventionist.  My role as a Physical Education teacher at RES through the opportunity of teaching Kindergarten and PreK Physical Education.  

Beginning my career as an elementary educator in North Dakota, and then expanding my teaching experience to specialize in middle school mathematics in Naturita prepared me for the opportunity of continued growth in the facilitation of mathematics instruction within the middle/high school setting at Ridgway Secondary School.  Those years of experience have paved the way for this current opportunity to specialize in assisting our elementary learners with their growth and development in mathematics at Ridgway Elementary School.

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