Welcome Artist Parents to the Ridgway Elementary School Art Program 


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


When I was 4 years old I was named “The Artist” by my preschool teachers.  I have since aspired to be and stay an Artist all of my life. 

It is my hope that each and every one of my art students will decide they are Artists and will also stay Artists in some way all of their lives. My goal as an Art educator is to celebrate the individual artist and continuously encourage them to “Strive to be Different.” I will emphasize “Voice and Choice” with as many art projects as possible. I will ask students to tell their own personal stories. The artist’s unique expression will be honored, while concurrently expecting artists to reach individual personal best goals reflecting amazing craftsmanship and reaching Colorado State Standards Criteria Goals for each art assignment. I am loving the opportunity every day to support your Student Artist’s creative experiences and artistic growth. 

I feel very blessed to live in this wonderful community and be part of this incredible school. I have been an Art Educator for 24 years and this is my 27th year as an educator. Teaching Art is a beautiful profession and I am super excited to be back in the Art Room with your Fantastic Artists! 

I have lived in Ridgway for 17 years with my husband Mike and my two sweet kids Paul and Samantha. I am an active working Artist. I am constantly inspired to create more art while I enjoy hiking and camping with my family. I  have attended the Colorado Art Education Association Conferences in Breckenridge for several years and have participated in The Taos Watercolor Workshop for nine consecutive years. Both have given me immeasurable amounts of confidence and support as a working artist and educator. The conference and workshop inspired me to organize three Ridgway Library Art Exhibits: Sisters a Celebration of Women Artists, Ouray County Student Art Show and Mothers and Daughters a Celebration of Art by Women. I have also exhibited my student artists works at The Annual Artists Alpine Holiday Exhibit and at the Open Bard Youth Poetry Event. 

Teaching students continues to motivate me to be a lifelong learner and Artist. I invest focus and time into creating lesson plans, thematic units and art examples that I often bring into my own personal artwork. So I am thankful and grateful for your student artists, thank you for sharing them with me. 

Please stop by the Art Room with any questions, ideas, comments, I would love to meet  and visit with you:)   Terri Lizzio