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Sports Update from Shawnn Row, RSD Athletic Director....

While everybody is on break I just wanted to help get the word out for what will happen with our post season competitions coming up when we get back from break.

The HS Cllimbing team will be sending Leo Smith, Chente Anderson, Guieren Durant, Mica Hart, and Ella Skaloda to the state meet in Broomfield.  They will leave on Friday, 2/24.  We will do a send off for them at noon if you can make it.  They will climbing the next day during different times and return home late Saturday.  Climbing parents, I'll have more information for you on Monday.  

The HS Basketball teams will be hosting the district tournament this year.  We will not be using Ticket Spicket, but cash entry only.  Since this is a CHSAA event, everybody will be charged admissions set by CHSAA.  It will be $8 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens.  Please be prepared for that.

I think I have all of the help covered already for ticket collecting and concessions.  However, if your child isn't playing and you want to check in and lend a hand that would be wonderful.  

Below is the time for each game.  Their might be a couple of changes with the  Dolores and Telluride girls switching the #3 and #4 seed.  But I think the times for the two Ridgway games are set in stone.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Should be an exciting week when we return!  Best of luck to all of our students who are competing!

Friday, February 24

2pm Girls #1 Mancos vs. #4 Telluride

4pm Boys #1 Mancos vs. #4 Dolores

6pm Girls #2 Ridgway vs #3 Dolores

8pm Boys #2Telluride vs. #3 Ridgway

Saturday, February 25

1pm Girls Championship

3pm Boys Championship