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What a busy week we had here at RSS.  I wanted to say great job to all of our teams who finished up their seasons this week.  Girls' basketball lost to a pretty good Mancos team in the district championship.  It was the first time we've been there since 2014.  I'm really proud of this team and the program itself.  Keep progressing and be proud of yourselves.  Coach Winkelmann and Burr have done a great job with this group from middle school up until now to reestablish our JV team and build a competitive varsity squad.  The boys lost in their semifinal game to Telluride.  Unfortunately, they had a season with a few key injuries that hindered their goals.  However, they fought to the end and were always a fun group to be around.  Thank you Coach Dubroff and Criscuolo for your hard work.  I always say that basketball is one of the harder sports because it starts before Thanksgiving and doesn't end until March.  It takes a lot of determination, passion, and commitment to play and coach this sport.  

Congratulations to the boys climbing team for finishing 2nd at state!  This is a HUGE accomplishment that hasn't been done before at RSS.  This competition was full of really good climbers from big schools across all of Colorado.  It's amazing that three kids from a small town can all sent it with the best of them.  Coach Gagne and Zaugg did a great job building a positive team atmosphere for all of the team.  I can't wait to see what the future brings!  Congrats!

HS Girls Soccer starts today.  They'll practice from 3:30-5:30pm each day this week.  A combination of playing in the gym and running outside so please bring adequate shoes for both.  There's been a lot of recent changes to the soccer schedule.  

Coach Pearce will be in touch about track and field practice this week so please be on the lookout for that.

Here is what we have this week:


Thanks for all your support this winter!  I'll see ya on the pitch in April!