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Steve and Tracy Hill were honored before the Nucla-Ridgway game on Tuesday night. Tracy's son, Steele, plays for Nucla while her husband, Kelly, is their coach.  Recently, Ridgway honored state champion players and coaches with new banners but these two could not attend.  Steve coached Ridgway basketball teams for 45 years winning numerous state championships while setting a state record with 73 consecutive wins.  Tracy has also given back to Ridgway with numerous coaching stints and as a teacher and Athletic Director.  She holds a majority of state scoring records from her high school career, including scoring 44 points a game her senior year and winning the 1982 state championship.  These two helped establish a strong basketball tradition in Ridgway that is hopefully an inspiration for all of our future generations.  Thank you, Steve and Tracy, for all you have given Ridgway and the whole Western Slope.