JAMmin Minute: Offers a free weekly one-minute exercise routine or an athlete featured more extenseive routine called JAM Blast. www.jamschoolprogram.com.

Take a Break! Teacher Toolbox Physical Activity Breaks in the Secondary Classroom. www.coloardoedinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/CEI-Take-A-Break-Teacher-Toolbox.pdf

FUNtervals: Four minutes of high intesity activity, alternating 20 seconds of high intensity with 10 seconds of rest. www.skhs.queensu.ca.

10 Simple Activities to Encourage Physical Activitiy in the Classroom

Energizers: Classroom Based Activities - printable activity cards

Fit Kids Activities - physical activities that integrate academics

Four videos of Classroom Energizers based on the Responsive Classroom