This idea has developed out of a need to facilitate gift giving from our community and a way to oversee proper and equitable use of our community's donation dollars.


# Grade Level Project Description Learning Goals Monetary/Item Request Donation Deadline Contact Funded
1 PreK-12 Music/Band/Choir Hire Chris Goplerud to work with RSS students in the MS Band and HS Band to teach and develop a percussion drum line.  Also, to have Chris Goplerud work as an instructor to "fine-tune" the percussion techniques of our existing percussion sections in each band through improvement of their drum-hand stick coordination through classical drum rudiments, specific hand/grip techniques on the entire battery of percussion. Involve our 2013-2014 MS Band and HS Band in the experience of a group rhythm project by forming a "Drum Line" for the purpose of improving the entire class in the realm of rhythm, steady beat, group performance, team work, public performance by using percussion equipment.  All students will take on leadership roles within the group setting.  Students who take interest in further advancement of their drum techniques may audition for Honor Bands in the concert band setting or the jazz band setting. $1,000.00 (Chris Goplerud's fee)

January 10, 2014


Robbie Unruh


Funded   by $1000.00 donation
2 Transportation A small front-wheel drive, 4-door car. Fuel economy a plus. This vehicle will mainly be used for small student groups or staff. On occasion this vehicle will be used by staff to get to Professional Development conferences. ASAP Maggie Graff 970.318.6589
3 Transportation The District's vehicle fleet is getting older and so we anticipate more maintenance and repair expenses. Consequently, we are looking for donations to improve/upgrade our fleet. Maggie Graff 970.318.6589
4 Offices Basic copier for Business/Transportation Office The Business/Transportation Office needs to frequently make copies of documents for records and files. The office currently does not have a copier and has to use a copier in another office. Having their own copier would save a lot of time for the office. ASAP Maggie Graff 970.318.6589
5 Food Service Forks/Silverware ASAP Robbie Unruh 970.626.5468
6 Pre-K The current digital camera that has been issued to me by RES is very old and is temperamental. I would like to have a new digital camera to use to document first graders experience at school. Photos often enhance the learning in many ways. Students can bring photos home to share about their day thus reviewing concepts learned. Students activities can be photo documented for later writing projects. I can also use the camera to upload photos of the class to the first grade webpage. $120 none Robbie Unruh 970.626.5468 Camera donated by Steph Wallin