About Us

Ridgway School District

Ridgway is home to people of many backgrounds and interests, where families have made a living in ranching for generations, and where there is a passionate connection to the mountains that surround our town.

Our school community has an equal richness of diversity that makes it a unique and privileged place to learn and grow. The professionalism and heartfelt commitment of the staff defines the culture, where individualized attention fosters the development of each person to their fullest potential.

Ridgway School District R-2 is comprised of an Elementary, Middle and High School. Elementary School and the District Office are located on a 17-acre campus at the western edge of the Town of Ridgway. The Middle School and High School are located on a 22-acre campus on the north side of town. The Secondary School was opened for classes in September of 2006. The District serves approximately 380 students from Ouray, San Miguel and Montrose Counties. 

At the heart of Ridgway Schools are an outstanding faculty. Our teachers are highly-prepared, share a love of teaching and have a diversity of backgrounds and professional experiences. We have a student / teacher ratio of 11:1, allowing for a level of individualized instruction and personal attention characteristic of a small, rural school.