Elementary Library

Digital Library Grades K-5 - Class Code ljq4978

Destiny Quest Website: https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/57633

Keyboarding Without Tears - Grades K-5  Educator's Pin 7F5F7C

All students have access to the school library and computer lab.  PK-5 is scheduled for library time each week.  I do read-aloud with all grade levels and incorporate mini-lessons on library and information skills while also collaborating with other teachers to include core subject areas.  Time for reading to self and checking out books is also included in their library time.  Please visit Kid-Links for great educational resources.  You can also access the library online catalog by clicking here or Destiny Quest under Elementary.  

Technology is an important part of library time. This year the students are scheduled for a 45 minute block so that I am able to incorporate both library and technology into one period.  Some media skills taught include keyboarding, research, 2.0 web tools, internet protocol, etc.   Kindergarten through second grades primarily work on KidPix to learn computer basics while integrating homeroom subject areas.  Third through 5th grades focus on practicing keyboarding skills and research strategies. The Kindergarten through 5th grades also have a second 45 minute block during the week, dedicated strictly to technology skills. During this time, we will work closely with their classroom teachers integrating technology into their class projects

Classroom Management 

Library Agreements:

1.  Listen and Follow Directions (Body to self)

2.  Raise hand to speak (No interrupting)

3.  Be nice! (to others and teacher)

If these agreements are broken, the student gets a warning, then takes a break, and if undesirable behavior continues, a call home may be made.  Always feel free to contact me via email or phone at 626-5468 ext. 1204, preferably in the morning or after school. Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Young

Hello! My name is Kara Young and I am thrilled to be the Elementary Library/Media Specialist here at Ridgway Elementary! I grew up in Telluride, and always dreamed of one day becoming a teacher. Even as a young girl, I understood that I was lucky to be part of a community that treated me as family, and knew that I wanted to raise my own family in a small town so that they could experience the same.

After I graduated High School, I spend a few years in sunny, southern California before moving back to the mountains where I met my husband. We have two boys, Evan and Liam. After living and working in Norwood as the Elementary Librarian for a number of years, my family and I moved to Ridgway in 2015. I began my career in Ridgway five years ago in the Preschool, then completed my student teaching in the 3rd Grade. I feel so blessed to have landed my dream job as the Elementary Librarian and Media Specialist in this beautiful mountain town we call home.

Mrs. Young