Technology Department


You have reached the Ridgway School Technology webpage.  The tech staff for Ridgway School District R-2 includes Kevin Rogers and Jason Williams.  We are always looking for ways to keep up with the latest trends and leverage the best technology that our budget will support for the education of our K12 students.

Together, we maintain and update all the technologies used at the Ridgway School District.  This includes a multitude of systems and software, including the student information system and website you are viewing right now.

We have a diverse knowledge of Information Technology including Computer Networking, Voice over IP, Computer Repair, Linux, Macintosh and Windows.  This knowledge allows us to provide the latest technologies to assist teachers with instruction and provide students the technology tools to further their knowledge of the world.

We are available at extension 4357(HELP).  Kevin's extension is 1212 and Raymond's extension is 1209.  If you would like to contact us via email, please use the ones given below.

Thanks for visiting this web page and let us know how we can further serve your technology needs.

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