Before Ridgway School was built, Ridgway's first school was operated out of the Binder Blacksmith Shop, beginning in 1882.  Later, classes were held in an unfinished kitchen in the Mentone Hotel.  The first school house was a two-story elementary school built south of Cottonwood Creek in 1899.  In the early 1900's, an earthquake shook the area so hard that it had to be removed.   Ridgway's grade school was a victim of fire in the fall of 1930, and classes were held temporarily in the Park Hotel until it, too, succumbed to fire.  The school then used the Criswell Building for a brief time until a new two-story school was built on the west end of town in 1932 which was used for both grade school and high school. This building served as Ridgway School for just over 40 years. It is now located on Highway 62 and Amelia and is called The Old School House.

Yellow student walking sign and old school house building front

The Ridgway Elementary School at 1115 W. Clinton St. was built in 1973. Elementary school classes and the District office are located at the Ridgway Elementary School.

Elementary building front entry and ridgway school sign and elementary building side view

The Ridgway Secondary School at 1200 Green St. was built in 2005-2006. High school and middle school classes started in September 2006 at the Ridgway Secondary School.